Upgrade COBUS NCAD, subject to your machine equipment
in order to process 3D drawings on 3, 4, and 5 axes.

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COBUS 3D milling is a unique combination of COBUS NCAD and the CAM system Visual Mill. The milling solution is available in various extensions, depending on your requirements.

Best solution for growing companies. Start with a 3 axis machine, and easily continue to expand your machinery and your system. The user will appreciate the easy handling as they can stick to the software already in use as the CAM data input is made by COBUS NCAD. But there's more to it than that! Save the components machining strategies in a data base. Creating a new drawing, it automatically loads the machining strategy just mentioned and the tool path is calculated automatically without setting the machining all over again.Check the machining strategy to make sure all data has been entered correctly.
The 3D simulation of the tool path and the material removal simulation are other tools to ensure your machining to work properly. The unlocked machining is delivered to COBUS NCAD where suction cups might be placed or machining might be displayed or hidden during the post processor run, which leads to the automatic CNC program generation.
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COBUS 3D milling is available in three different versions:
  • Standard

    The standard version is multi-functional, suited for 3 axis machining: A versatile manufacturing program providing all of the standard features. This version is ideally suited for customers who appreciate an easy handling. It consists of well-matched and efficient manufacturing macros for 3 axis machining. Our standard version is not only easy to use but efficient and low-priced.
  • Professional

    The professional version provides various functions in the field of 5 axis machining. This is perfectly suited for customers, who need indexed 5 axes machining in addition to the 3 and 4 axis machining. This product shows efficient strategies to define the tool path, while Visual MILL Professional provides outstanding control functions to drive the cutting tools, which allows for an exact processing of the components. This version is suitable for demanding customers with complex manufacturing requirements.
  • Premium

    Our premium version provides all features in the 5 axis simultaneous machining fulfilling the highest demands of milling in terms of free-form generation in woodworking by using the Surface Normal Machining, SWARF Machining, and Surface Flow Machining.
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