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COBUS Group and Affiliates

COBUS ConCept GmbH, ERP Systems

  • Wilhelm Mormann, Sales Manager ERP
  • Gerd Thöle, Managing Director ERP consulting
  • Uwe Kirste, Manager ERP customer care

COBUS ConCept International, CAD/CAM solutions

  • Manfred Nölkensmeier, CEO and manager CAD/CAM consulting
  • Alexander Scholz, Sales Manager CAD/CAM
  • Thomas Müller, Manager Software Development CAD/CAM

COBUS Systems, business and infrastructure

  • Wilhelm Mormann, CEO
  • Michael Hantke, Sales Manager IT-Infrastruktur

COBUS Holding & Services, administration and marketing

  • Wilhelm Mormann, CEO

e-combuy GmbH, e-commerce, online trade, furniture and accessories,
Sektor 26, marketing services, web design und web shops

  • Wilhelm Mormann, CEO

IWZ Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG

  • Real estate, renting und leasing Wilhelm Mormann, CEO

ADULO Solutions GmbH

  • Carsten Pinn, PinnCalc GmbH
  • Wilhelm Mormann, COBUS ConCept

Key competencies and figures

  • Key competencies:

    • ERP, CRM, DMS, Finance, Personal
    • Software industry
    • CAD/CAM solutions (doors, windows and furniture)
    • Service und Consulting
    • IT-Infrastructure - Systems, network and services
  • Industries:

    • Industry, middle-class, service provider, trade
  • Total turnover:

    • 9.4 Mio. € in 2015 COBUS ConCept
    • 12,6 Mio. € in 2015 COBUS group
  • Stuff:

    • 108, 7 trainees (Jan. 2015) COBUS ConCept. More than 120 in total


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With more than 25 years of experience providing mid-sized manufacturers professional IT development and implementation, COBUS ConCept has become a trusted and reliable partner for Woodworking manufacturers around the world. Based in Germany, COBUS ConCept is dedicated to developing and perfecting software that helps manufacturers, especially those in woodworking, streamline their operation.