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The History of COBUS ConCept
25 Years IT-History

COBUS History

The company founders Wilhelm Mormann and Manfred Nölkensmeier
25th anniversary

Outlook 2017 bis 2022

We are already celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2017 with more than 108 employees.

These are our goals and visions for the next few years: Expanding the team to up to 250 employees.

Further development of our products in different industries to market leadership to meet the demographic change through more flexible innovative personnel concepts.
25th anniversary in the middle of the year

20th anniversary

2012 bis 2016 – Your success. Our motivation.

We are already celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2012 with more than 70 employees. In the same year, the company building will be expanded and the floor space almost doubled. With the COBUS Contact Center, a new acquisition pool is being created at COBUS. In addition, COBUS NCAD is establishing itself on the international market, and the company is getting offspring in the field of window construction with its sister company ADULO. In 2014, COBUS bundles the potential in the COBUS GROUP. Another milestone is the newly acquired company building at Nickelstraße 26.

2007 bis 2011 – Our offer is completed

COBUS ConCept has now grown to over 50 employees. Not only for this reason, the company acquires its first own office building in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in April 2007. The crisis is coming - COBUS remains. True to the motto, COBUS sets achievable goals and pursues the planned path. 2009 is the crisis and COBUS is coming: With vision, a reorientation of the company towards a regional system house is pursued. The training has been a top topic at COBUS ConCept for many years.

fair COBUS ConCept

2001 bis 2006 – Resistance despite financial crisis

Crisis motto: Bake small rolls, but do not stop baking. Despite the crisis, COBUS celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2002 and even continues to grow with the opening of an office in Munich. COBUS now relies on events, practicals, in-house exhibitions and trade fairs, in addition, the information policy is being expanded with newsletters, infoweb, etc. As a result, the number of customers can continue growing. Another important milestone is the strategic cooperation with CAS AG, which has enabled COBUS to add a CRM system called CAS genesisWorld to its product range. Strengthened team spirit and new thrust towards success and growth, COBUS gets through joint celebrations and a reorganized COBUS leadership.

COBUS building
international market

1997 bis 2000 – The COBUS family grows

Infor is gradually replacing BETRIOS. In 1997, the Bielefeld office is slowly becoming too tight for more than 20 employees. COBUS continues to provide 1000m² of new office space. Granted COBUS activities in the international market.

Middleware is the trade show appearances at CeBIT and LIGNA routine and the annual exam at the autumn seminar is COBUS standard. The year 2000 is characterized by growth. As it becomes too narrow in the existing office space, they are increased by 500m².

1992 bis 1996 – The beginning of a success story

In December 1992, COBUS ConCept launches the inventory management solution BETRIOS. A year later, COBUS grew out of Spenge and moved into larger offices in Bielefeld. This is the foundation for the growing success. The merchandise management system is refined and the CAD / CAM development researched.

From the year 1995, COBUS NCAD finally gets a Windows environment and also in the field of inventory management the course was set new. The new Dortmund location will be included in the COBUS family, where the CAD / CAM NCAD programming system will be further developed and refined.
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With more than 25 years of experience providing mid-sized manufacturers professional IT development and implementation, COBUS ConCept has become a trusted and reliable partner for Woodworking manufacturers around the world. Based in Germany, COBUS ConCept is dedicated to developing and perfecting software that helps manufacturers, especially those in woodworking, streamline their operation.