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CAD / CAM software for furniture manufacturer

Software for furniture manufacturers

The desire for individuality is growing – whether it concerns furniture or other everyday necessities. In order to meet the requirements of the market, and to ensure an economically friendly production, while still offering customized solutions, we have developed an industryspecific software solution that meets all of the requirements of the furniture industry. Our solution for furniture construction ensures a consistent data flow from the order processing to the control of your CNC machines.
 furniture manufacturer

Efficient CAD/CAM software for furniture manufacturers and suppliers

Whether it is bathroom furniture, office furniture, kitchen furniture, or single components from mass production: furniture manufacturers and furniture suppliers need software solutions to manage the whole manufacturing process efficiently. This is important in the manufacturing process and any other step of production such as the design, 3D design, calculation, variant configuration, data transfer via CAD/CAM interfaces, sales, and route planning. COBUS ConCept offers software solutions that allow for the flexible use of all the software modules in order to guarantee a smooth manufacturing process without facing annoying software crashes. This also applies to all of your manufacturing sites and branches. Our software is available in different languages.

Well prepared for the 4.0 furniture processing

COBUS ConCept software solutions are the best choice to seamlessly combine ERP software, calculation software, and CAD/CAM software. This is not only the basis for the digitalization and automation of your production, but also the possibility to realize various optimizations right from scratch. COBUS NCAD allows for a safe and quick generation of CNC programs for all your machines. The user benefits from charted processing macros and CNC programming, libraries for repetitive tasks, and effective project management.

Furthermore, it is possible to transfer data to the construction software and planning software of leading software manufacturers such as SolidWorks and furnplan. Thanks to this software integration, it is possible to automatically generate CNC programs and that helps you save on labor costs and material. All of the standard machine controls of the woodworking industry are compatible with our software.

prepared for the 4.0 furniture processing

Advantages of the CAD/CAM software in furniture manufacturing

Furniture manufacturers benefit from the perfect interaction of order processing, planning software, and CNC processing whether the software is used in the manufacturing process of kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, or office furniture. Moreover, it is possible to produce worktops in an efficient way.

Integraon of CAD and ERP data

Save on production costs due to the efficient data exchange starting from the order processing to the design and furniture production. All of the necessary data is available at the right place and the right time. Avoid unnecessary data entry and reduce the entire workload, and any possible errors.

Interface for CNC programming

The integration of ERP and CAD/CAM systems allows for a consistent process from the order entry to the final version of the machine program. Share all of the necessary information at the touch of a bu;on and transfer it to COBUS NCAD. NCAD generates the necessary machine programs for that various steps of production. The assignment of processing units and positioning aids are all-automatic. The COBUS Autorunner generates the corresponding CNC programs and accurate production drawings based on the information, which can either be displayed as image files or PDF files.

Integration of SolidWorks and furnplan

SolidWorks is one of the most popular programs in furniture design. A symbiosis of CAD, CAM and CNC interfaces at the highest level. By using the feature recognition tool, it is possible to generate the machining automatically in COBUS NCAD and to transfer the data to the machine. Furnplan allows for a three-dimensional design of rooms and free furniture positioning. Furnplan is the best configurator in furniture production, the perfect combination of CNC programming and furniture design. Design your furniture and prepare it for the manufacturing process in a blink of an eye – without extensive technical knowledge.

Consulting and Support included

COBUS does not simply provide the industry specific software for furniture manufacturers and suppliers, but a software program that exactly meets your individual requirements and needs. That’s why we offer expert advice in advance in order to identify optmization potential and suitable setups for your software system. Save travel expenses and time by using “Remote Consulting”.


Further information is available for download here.

COBUS Interface SolidWorks
COBUS Interface SolidWorks


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