CAD / CAM and ERP software for the production of interior doors

Find out what benefits you can gain with this software for the cost-effective production of interior doors.

Industry software for
the production of interior doors

Doors complete so many tasks. They connect spaces and people, protect, and provide silence; at office, school, in hospital or at home. It is important for a door to fit, to look good and, of course, to reliably and permanently fulfill its requirements. In order to produce the above mentioned doors efficiently, we have been offering our well-established CAD/ CAM solution and its industry-specific extensions, which covers all of the requirements of a manufacturing company and that also helps you save on the production cost.
Branchensoftware für Produktion von Innentüren


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ADI Türen GmbH
ADI Türen GmbH
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Aster Holzbau GmbH
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Kowa Holzbearbeitung GmbH


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With more than 25 years of experience providing mid-sized manufacturers professional IT development and implementation, COBUS ConCept has become a trusted and reliable partner for Woodworking manufacturers around the world. Based in Germany, COBUS ConCept is dedicated to developing and perfecting software that helps manufacturers, especially those in woodworking, streamline their operation.
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