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Programming of simple components directly at the machine
and modification of programs previously created in production planning.

Machine surface

In early 1989, the first WOP surfaces were available on machining centers. Nowadays, machine center control is characterized by WOP surfaces. The technical know-how in the fields of DIN programming is no longer necessary.
Programming of simple components directly at the machine and modification of programs previously created in production planning. The machine surface COBUS WOP is available in a variety of languages and measurements in more than 60 countries.

“CAD/CAM Solutions"

automation | data consistency | machine independence


Thanks to the modern .NET technology even the inexperienced user gets by quickly. Milling, drilling, saw cuts or cycles: The graphical editing macros, including interactive CNC programming easily and efficiently lead to the desired result; just as you wish. Draw up macro libraries for recurring or similar tasks; regardless of your industry. Build up your individual library of fixed and variable CNC programs or simply import available DXF drawings to your library. Save your employees expertise in an easily accessible data base and keep broadening your technical knowledge.

2D and 3D display of workpieces, machining, suction cups, or clamping devices allow your staff for a more confident programming. Close contact to market leading software companies brought up smoothly compatible data formats, generated with the help of these integrations. COBUS WOP approves CNC programs for production at the touch of a button or in the night run – all-automatic. COBUS WOP also allows for the management of all common control systems in the woodworking industry. Save time and avoid errors using these consistent process flows. Result: A save and efficient production.

COBUS WOP features:

  • Easy operation
  • Approved macro management
  • Support charts
  • Show and hide program periods
  • AutoSaves: Security backups
  • Flexible starting time
  • Activate the track adjustment feature while generating the output files in order to control the radius of the inner arch
  • Set roughing and finishing depths while processing
  • Pocket processing including different clean out strategies
  • Feed adjustment of edges and small radii
  • Feed limits: On exceeding or failing of the feeds, the post processor issues a warning
  • Extensive drilling macros
  • 3D simulation and time calculation to avoid non-productive test runs
  • Adapted optimizations as well as equipping aid for every type of machine
  • Support up to the fifths axis (adjusting axis)
  • Multiprogramming is no longer required
  • Save expenses for interfaces
  • Configuration of post processors of all machine types and controls

COBUS WOP options:

  • COBUS edge processing/gluing
  • COBUS automatic suction cup positioning
  • COBUS automatic clamp positioning
  • COBUS placement manager for workpiece placement
  • COBUS nesting to guarantee optimal nesting mold parts
  • COBUS 3D simulation including collision monitoring and material removal
  • COBUS NCAD - the CAD/ CAM solution having its own CAD core
  • COBUS integration to market leading software companies (windows, interior construction, stairs)
  • COBUS doors, windows, worktops, and carcass software solutions
  • COBUS tool import COBUS ERP/ CAD system integration
Optionen für COBUS WOP:


Further information is available for download here.
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product flyers COBUS NCAD
product flyers COBUS Nesting
COBUS Nesting


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