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COBUS NCAD 2.5D milling

CAD production is determined by high-quality materials,
technological challenges, as well as batch size 1.
A transparent and smooth process management via ERP or CAD to avoid redundant data input would be an optimal solution.


COBUS NCAD allows for a consistent process operation. Over the years, our well-established and effective software system has become very popular. Even by running only one machine, our software solution pays off. Save time, minimize errors, and generate machine-readable programs at the touch of a button.

Minimal programming effort thanks to the automatic CNC program generation, whether you run an entire production line or a single machine. We particularly focus on multichannel concepts. All operators are working on the same surface which allows for easy substitution. The expertise of every single employee is stored at one stop and consequently available for other staff. Result: High flexibility and the opportunity to deploy your staff in the most efficient and flexible way, as well as a more efficient workload. A close connection to the market leading software companies allows for a flexible data exchange.
“CAD/CAM Solutions"

automation | data consistency | machine independence

for the woodworking industry

For more than 25 years we have been offering an efficient CAD /CAM software solution characterized by its unique service to guarantee an efficient control of all kinds of CNC technology, as well as an efficient manufacturing strategy. Our solutions always meet the latest requirements and create significant added value, but cause only a minimum of the usual purchase costs. Benefit from an easy user surface and quick CNC programming.
Save your knowledge. The most important task is to save all your knowledge. CNC master data is one of the most important concerns in the woodworking industry. Save your employees expertise by using COBUS NCAD and ensure the control of the processing center as well as the control of your plant.

Individual performance. Numerous options transform the basic system into a cunning tool kit meeting all of the necessary requirements of the woodworking industry. It is up to you: Chose either industry related characteristics or individual adjustments of the work environment. User friendly dialogs include field-tested input assistants which safely guide you through the system.


Further information is available for download here.
product flyers COBUS NCAD

product flyers COBUS NCAD highlights
COBUS NCAD Highlights
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COBUS Nesting

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COBUS Workplan


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With more than 25 years of experience providing mid-sized manufacturers professional IT development and implementation, COBUS ConCept has become a trusted and reliable partner for Woodworking manufacturers around the world. Based in Germany, COBUS ConCept is dedicated to developing and perfecting software that helps manufacturers, especially those in woodworking, streamline their operation.